“Catherine’s garden design for my home is not only artistically conceived, but importantly, she knows exactly which plants and flowers will thrive in both the sunny and shady parts of the property. As the seasons come and go, the effect becomes more and more beautiful!”

Sharon, Bronxville NY

“Catherine, it is a pleasure working with you, your ideas for gardening are so integrated and holistic, everything works together.”

Rosemary, Bedford NY

Every time I look out my kitchen window at my new cottage garden, I feel so happy. Thank you!

Kathryn, Larchmont NY

“Catherine is a good listener, and clearly passionate about her work. Her landscape plan for our front yard was not only beautiful, but practical as well. We especially liked the fact that she is environmentally conscious, and that she tries as much as possible to use native plants in her design.”

Lygia, New Rochelle, NY

“Wow, Catherine! Getting such immediate results, with so much beauty appearing all at once! We are all suitably impressed and excited, and just wanted to take another chance to say thank you. This project so far exceeds our expectations we can hardly believe it.”

The Garden Club of Larchmont

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Can You Save a Storm Damaged Tree?

Winter was brutal in terms of tree damage. Shaking the snow off my shrubs helped somewhat, but the tree branches are too high up. Winter winds and old age take their toll on trees.

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Why Hire a Landscape Designer?

6 ways a professional designer can beautify your property and make your life easier.

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When Shrubs Outgrow Their Welcome.

Here’s a list of plants that either remain small or are slow growing, so you get the maximum amount of time and enjoyment from your garden with the least amount of work!

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4 Ways to Make Your Garden Eco-Friendly.

With just a few small changes, you can enrich your garden and help support the native Westchester ecosystem that depends on it.

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Planning Your Spring Bulb Garden

Spring bulbs are opening this week in beautiful clumps or drifts of thousands. These crocus, tulips, daffodils and hyacinth will be blooming until the early summer. It's too late to have these in your garden this season but here’s the plan for next season: plan now, order in the summer and plant them in the fall.

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Soil Smack Down: Peat Moss vs. Coconut Coir: Compost Wins!

It's easy to see why landscapers create pom-poms on our properties. It takes a few mere seconds with gas-powered pruning shears to make a ball or freeform shape. Pruning by hand to achieve a more natural shape requires time and experience.

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Does Your Garden Have Balls?

It's easy to see why landscapers create pom-poms on our properties. It takes a few mere seconds with gas-powered pruning shears to make a ball or freeform shape. Pruning by hand to achieve a more natural shape requires time and experience.

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Might Your Houseplants Have Mites?

If your potted plants are looking a little sorry right now — wilting, new growth shriveling or a general lack of unhappiness — it could be short winter days or dry heat. Or it might be minuscule troublemakers: spider mites.

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What’s Bugging You?

When it comes to pest control, often the best thing to do is... nothing.

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Your Lawn on Drugs.

It’s practically a ritual in Westchester. Spread fertilizer on the lawn in the spring and fall, maybe even twice more during the summer, so it stays a bright green. Add limestone to keep the soil alkaline, to increase nutrient uptake. Apply a pre-emergent to control the weeds. Spray Roundup and pesticides when needed.

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Can You Save a Storm-Damaged Tree?

Most trees will survive lost limbs. The key is not to leave a ragged edge, which is harder to heal. It's better to make a clean cut. This will allow the tree to grow over the wound and compartmentalize it.

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Salt – Bad For You. Bad For Your Yard.

Salt is bad for your health. It turns out that salt is bad for gardens, too. Every time rock salt is used to melt ice on a road or walkway, it damages nearby vegetation in two ways.

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Garden Now? Are you Kidding?

For those of us who can’t wait for Spring (uh…everyone…?), we’ve compiled a garden checklist to help combat winter blues, indoors and out.

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Good Things Grow on Trees

I recently went back to visit my old Queens neighborhood. I had fond memories of walking to school through a tunnel of maple-lined streets. But the place was hardly recognizable. No trees had been planted to replace the old, majestic giants, now gone. The street looked naked and harsh. I see the same thing happening to our neighborhood.   – read more



I Speak For The Trees

Trees surround us, mute and towering. Most people know very little about how to buy, plant or care for them. So I have elected myself tree spokesperson with this primer on the care of trees.

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